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Is Benedict Cumberbatch’s Khan in “Star Trek 3?”

Cumberbatch KhanBenedict Cumberbatch was recently on “The Graham Norton Show.”  Aside from doing a couple spot on voice impressions and talking about his fear of the word “Penguins,” he was asked if he was in the new “Star Trek” film.  You’ll have to watch the video below for his answer.  Don’t fear, it’s near the beginning.  But the whole thing is worth a view.  He also answers if he has a part in the new “Star Wars” film. 

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George Clooney Marries! And the Interview that Bit Him in the Ass

George ClooneyAddio, George Clooney’s bachelorhood, and congrats for diving back into the marriage bowl. Clooney married British attorney Amal Alamuddin on Saturday, September 27, 2014 in Venice, Italy. And although he was married once before many years back to actress Talia Balsam, he had sworn to never marry again (like so many others swear to never do – and then do it anyway).

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The Devil and Joan Rivers: The Truth Behind The CNN Walk-off Interview

Joan and the DevilWhat can I say about Joan Rivers?  She certainly knows how to remain in the public eye.  I’ll give her this… she doesn’t give up.  Here is a woman who says anything she feels like saying regardless of the consequences and makes no apologies for it.  You have to kind of respect that in this sickening PC environment we’ve created for ourselves.  Every week another public figure is apologizing for something stupid they’ve said that managed to insult one group or another.  Right or wrong, no one ever just stands their ground.   That is, except for Joan Rivers!  She certainly goes for it.  Love her or hate her, she’s still sticking around.

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New Photos from the Set of Terminator: Genesis

Terminator 5 PicSome new set pics have hit the interwebs today from the set of “Terminator: Genesis.”  In this continuation – reboot of sorts, “Game of Thrones” Emilia Clarke portrays the tortured heroine Sarah Connor this time around.  On an interesting note, her “Game of Thrones” co-star Lena Headey portrayed the same character for the TV series version (“The Sarah Connor Chronicles”) a few years back.  Jai Courtney portrays Kyle Reese, Jason Clarke does some John Connor, and finally, everyone’s favorite Governator returns to the role he originated.  Need I really say his name.

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Malcolm McDowell and “Time After Time”

Time After Time PosterI recently went to see a Q&A screening of “Time After Time” with Malcolm McDowell as the guest speaker. This took place at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, California on April 8, 2014. Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols was the special guest moderator (sort of). Another person (don’t remember his name) took care of most of the moderating duties. I think the special guest part is what Ms. Nichols basically fulfilled since she really wasn’t herself doing much moderating. All the same, it was good to see Uhura.

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The Know It All Joe Vault – Vintage “Star Wars” Interviews

694px-Star_Wars_Logo.svgSo I dug deep into my vault and found some old vintage “Star Wars” interviews from the early ’80’s.  To be more specific, they’re from “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi.”  These might already be available but I wasn’t going to do a huge search for them.  This was taken from old VHS tapes so the quality isn’t great but still watchable.

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Bryan Cranston on Playing Lex Luthor

Breaking Bad Superman vs Batman

Bryan Cranston (of “Breaking Bad” fame) was on Howard Stern’s radio program this morning to promote his new Broadway Play which begins this week (he plays former President Lyndon B. Johnson in “All the Way.”).  Of course the subjects of “Breaking Bad” and the casting rumor of him playing Lex Luthor in the new “Superman” movie came up.  And this being Stern, the topics of him getting crabs, having threesomes, and wishing death on an ex-psycho girlfriend worked its way into the conversation as well.

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