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“iZombie” Is Like A Sore On My Tongue!

iZombie TitleWhen it comes to bad TV shows or movies, I tend to always give the acting a pass. I usually focus my sites on the other things wrong with them such as the writing, directing, effects, or editing. I don’t usually notice the acting unless it’s just crazy bad or lazy.  For some reason, I’m just very forgiving of it.

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Know It All Joe’s Wednesday’s TV Observations

So I caught the new episodes of both “South Park” and “Modern Family” the other night. And I couldn’t help but make a couple of observations.  

Observation #1: In “South Parks” season 19 (season 19 really?) episode “Where My Country Gone,” they gave us their version of Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner.  I have to say, not a bad likeness.  I think they pretty much nailed it!

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“Supergirl” CBS TV Pilot Review

Supergirl Title CardUm… SPOILERS!  Lots and Lots.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s the TV division of Warner Bros not having the legal rights to use Superman in a TV series due to their feature film franchise. But they did give us the second best thing.  We got us some Supergirl! And she comes in the form of actress Melissa Benoist (Glee, Homeland, Whiplash).

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“The Flash” Finale Time Travel Breakdown (with Pics)

The Flash Title Card“The Flash” aired its season finale last night.  (So Warning!  Spoilers Ahead) It was titled “Fast Enough” and centered on Barry’s quest to save the life of his mother.  With the help of villain (and mother killer) Eobard Thawne/Harrison Wells and a reactived partical accelerator, Barry was able to summon up enough speed force to travel back through time.  As he did, he was able to see flashes of his own future.  I’ve added those future pics below.  Lets go through them.

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Dark Water/Death in Heaven – Doctor Who Extra: Series 1 Episodes 11 & 12 (and Season Wrap-up)

Doctor Who Extra Title CardA week ago Saturday saw the conclusion of the eighth season of “Doctor Who.” Even though this is a week late, I wanted to take some time to think not only about the season finale, but the overall arc.

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Tons of “Simpsons/Futurama” Crossover Screenshots (with Videos)

Simpsons Futurama Crossover Pic 1“Simpsorama” was the title of the long awaited “Simpsons/Futurama” crossover.  It aired last Sunday, November 9, 2014 (Season 26, Episode 6).  In this episode, the Planet Express crew comes back in time to stop the Simpsons from inadvertently destroying the future.

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The Truth Behind South Park (with Video)

South Park Grounded VindaloopIf you care about “South Park” SPOILERS for an episode that has already aired, then turn away now.  Yeah, I didn’t think so.  Read on.

On this week’s current episode entitled “Grounded Vindaloop,” Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, and Butters are stuck in a virtual reality world, or so they think.  Actually, they’re not sure.  And we the viewer aren’t sure.  Up until the very end when (SPOILERS) we come to find that it is only Stan that is stuck in the virtual world.  And when he finally takes off his Oculus Rift goggles and reenters the real world, we get this.

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In the Forest of the Night – Doctor Who Extra: Series 1 Episode 10

Doctor Who Extra Title CardSo we are now up to Episode 10 for this current season of “Doctor Who.”  The episode “In the Forest of the Night” finds the Doctor, Clara, Danny, and a whole bunch of annoying kids trying to solve the mystery as to why a new forest has grown all around London.  Actually, it’s not just London, but we find that the entire Earth has been engulfed in trees.  To make matters worse, a Solar Flare is on it’s way to Earth which threatens to destroy the planet. 

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Flatline – Doctor Who Extra: Series 1 Episode 9

Doctor Who Extra Title Card“Flatline” – Episode 9 of this 8th season of “Doctor Who” has finally brought the show up to par.  We have a fantastic mystery, a compelling villain(s) or monster(s), a situation the Doctor has never seen before, and a storyline that someone can actually follow with an ending that doesn’t make you go “huh?”

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