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New “Star Trek” TV Series Title and Teaser

Star Trek DiscoveryThe title for the new “Star Trek” TV series was finally released today. 

The show will now be known as “Star Trek: Discovery.”  The ‘Discovery’ part of the title is the name of the new Starship.

The show is being produced by Bryan Fuller, who previously worked on both “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” and “Star Trek: Voyager.”  You’ll also know him from shows such as “Dead Like Me”, “Pushing Daisies”, and most recently “Hannibal.”

The show is not going to be episodic, but instead one long story arc.  It will run 13 episodes available on CBS All Access.  In other words, you’ll have to pay to see it.  The pilot, though, will air for free on the CBS Network.  It will debut in January 2017.

The show is said to take place in the original “Star Trek” timeline and not the J.J. Abrams cinematic (Kelvin) Timeline.  What this means is, depending on what time period this takes place in, maybe characters from previous “Star Trek” series will pop up.

Below you will find the newly released teaser trailer.  It just basically shows off the design of the new Starship. 

So phasers on stun, warp factor 9,  atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed (oh wait, that’s “Batman.”)  You know what I mean.  Here’s the teaser.